How 2 Post on .Re/search!

ScreenCap of Practice Based Research home page showing how to login and start a new post


1. About >> Login

2. New >> Post

ScreenCap of WordPress Post Editor

3. Give it a title

4. Type stuff!

5. Use the Add Media button to add pix & graphics. For YouTube / Vimeo you can just paste the URL on a line. But for Vimeo you might have to take the “S” out of “https://vimeo…

6. Set one image as your “Featured Image” it’ll go on the home page. If you speak pixels, make your Featured Image 598 x 282. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

7. If you like what you have, hit PUBLISH! If you want to save & work on it more later, or get any help or advice, then hit SAVE DRAFT.


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