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Our Start

Practice Based.Re/search originated in October 2013 as a group of colleagues in 2 MOOCs:
Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works
Practice Based Research in the ArtsScreenCap of NovoED Team page for "Blueberry Blintz"

The 1st 7 members, aka Team Blueberry Blintz: Christa Forster, Katrina Schaag, Michael Masucci, Misha Penton, Molly Ross, Rebecca Longworth and Vanessa Blaylock, were quickly joined by other MOOCmates. Now that these 2 inspiring MOOCs have completed their 5 and 10 week sessions, .Re/search is open to artists who want to engage in discussions of their artistic practice. We share projects and ideas, ask for participants, and comment on each other’s work. If you’d like to participate use our contact form to request membership.

1 Site; 3 Pages

Practice Based.Re/search is 1 site with 3 pages:

Practice Based.Re/act

.Re/act is our near-real-time place to share ideas, questions, or just to chat or vent. Kind of like a Twitter stream for a small group.

Practice Based.Re/cipes

The brain-child of founding Blueberries Katrina & Christa, .Re/cipes is a cookbook of performance recipes. We’ll be growing this library over time. Take the recipe you need, let us know if you have a recipe to continue.

Practice Based.Re/search

.Re/search is our home page and the primary place for members to post medium or longer pieces documenting works, thinking about works, or any other questions or ideas you’d like to explore with words, images, videos, etc.



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Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://vanessablaylock.com.

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