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I'm starting to think about Rebecca Longworth's idea for:

A “recipe book” of sorts so that this structure of performance-creation can be applied to any public space. I have a parallel project that concerns creating public-space performances quickly in response to current events.

The Art Guys here in Houston have a current project called 12 Events:

The Art Guys

1983-2013: Thirty Years of Collaboration, Commitment, Confustion

• 12 Events is a series public events executed by The Art Guys at various locations throughout Houston over the course of the year 2013.

• 12 Events consists of 12 separate and distinct events, one for each month.

• 12 Events consists of selections from unrealized works by The Art Guys of varying length and complexity.

• 12 Events is a series of unspectacular spectacles: elaborately unordinary life gestures.

• 12 Events continues The Art Guys interest in a “direct-to-the-public” and accessible approach to experiencing art outside the established institutional framework.

• 12 Events is designed to engage the widest possible audience by utilizing various media. The Art Guys engage the media because the media engages the public.

• 12 Events is free and open to the public.

• 12 Events is presented in celebration of thirty years of The Art Guys' collaboration.

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The Art Guys: 12 Events

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    OMG Christa! “.Re/cipe”? This is more like a 12-course meal! I was unfamiliar with The Art Guys but I must say, their recipes are so decadently rich and delicious. You almost can’t stop yourself!

    Were you able to see / attend any of these taste treats? And what new concoctions are they dreaming up for 2014?

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