Shoreline Dump Cake

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In this .Re/cipe I give you the basic framework to bake any number of variations of my famous Shoreline Dump Cake. There's really nothing easier, nor more delicious, than Dump Cake. And it's also a “cake” that can be made in so many different ways. Lately I've been noticing a lot of Creative Shoreline Dump Cakes that are oh-so-delicious!

What is it about the shoreline? That our ancestors came from there? That the cetaceans rejected our world and returned there? IDK. Like Dump Cake itself, let's not overanalyze it, let's just enjoy the easybake tastyfulness.


  1. Your outgoing self
  2. Simple items found either in your home or at the shoreline itself


Yet another great feature of Shoreline Dump Cake is that there's no measuring. No quantities. No precision. Just Dump! And Bake! This is a great .Re/cipe where kids can get great results. Your shoreline intervention can be a solo performance, or it can be public participation. A couple of examples should be illuminating:

Shoreline Dump Cake – Variation A:
Solo Performance

Brushing My Teeth in Public, by Varvara Zhemchuzhnikova

Shoreline Dump Cake – Variation B:
Public Participation

An Invitation to Throw Stones, by Ciara Finnegan

Dump Cake Photos

She is Such a Light in My Life by Heather Durdil
Dump Cake by Erica Joy
Mmm… Peach hazelnut crunch dump cake by Jeffrey W
Mmm…awesome cherry crumble cake by Jeffrey W


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