How to Bake an Avatar Pride Parade

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In [so called] Real Life the Pride Parade has been a significant force for Identity formation and expression. It acts as a vehicle of empowerment within a community, and a statement of existence and demand for civil rights to the larger culture. And, after all, it’s a parade! It’s a party! This simple social intervention is so easy to bake and your guests will always beg for more!

One Virtual World (3D MMORPG)
One Sub Genre (optional)
In-World Media
Social Networks

1. Pick a world and an optional sub-genre, like World of Warcraft Avatars, or Second Life Animal Avatars.
2. Pick a date between 7 & 60 days in the future.
3. Prepare Graphics & Press Release
4. Alert Avatars of the time & location and any specific themes
5. Work your avatar network. Even a small viral component can make your pride parade a big success

To Serve:
Select a Grand Marshall and pick a parade route through various lands of the world. For combat based MMO’s you might optionally want to garnish with a security force or choose a vegan (no combat) area so that all factions can (optionally) march in peace and solidarity.

Optionally use an online video streaming service and/or project it in an art gallery. This secondary media should always be secondary to the experience of the real avatars in-world, but it can help to acclimatize and educate the uninformed.

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