DIY Donnie

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New: Easy-to-make paper cutout Donnie doll!

Have Fun!
(Be careful with scissors…)

Cut 'n Paste your own Donnie!

Cut ‘n Paste your own Donnie Doll!



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4 reviews for DIY Donnie

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    You’re a genius Oscar! I love my Donnie Dolls! I’m already dreaming of wardrobe expansion packs and accessories! I think I’ll take him to yoga later today!

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    Congratulations lads! This is a simply brilliant product!

    You have me dreaming of a Medici family board game. Just imagine, with one roll of the dice: Murdered by your brother, lose a turn. And then with another: The College of Cardinals has elected you Pope, collect 1 million scudi!

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    This is wonderful Oscar! Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic recipe! Just one question though: the different frock coats: checqued, diagonal, modern, and so on: they all have paper tabs as if to fold over and attach to a sort of “doll body.” But I don’t see Donnie’s body in the materials you’ve provided. Can you give further directions? Are we to create a body for him first? Or do we just attach him with sellotape?

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    Oh, guys, thank you so much for your great feedback on DIY Donnie! I think the Medici Board Game sounds fantastic, Izzy – it would be a super product to see listed here. Vanessa, you are right, there are tabs but no “body” to fold them over. Truth is, I’m still in two minds about a “body”. Meanwhile, I absolutely recommend and encourage the use of Sellotape.

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