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  • Vanessa Blaylock 08:58 on 24/01/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Katrina’s Birthday! 

    photo of Katrina Schaag with her chin propped on her palm and overlooking a cake with candles burning. The photo has a orange glow from the candlelight which casts half of Katrina Schaag's face in a warm glow and half in shadow

    It’s Katrina’s Birthday on Sunday!

    OMG, Katrina’s turning 29 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Katrina! Have a wonderful year!

  • Mary Anning 03:59 on 27/06/2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: croc, curies, curios, fossils   

    Lookin 4 Curios? 

    Hello lovely people! I find amazing things. Can I interest you in some curies?

    sepia toned drawing of Mary Anning in a bonnet kissing a crocodile

    Drawing of me with a “Croc” (they didn’t know that animals went extinct, so when I found a new skeleton on the beach they always used to claim it was an existing animal, like a croc)

  • Isabella Medici 03:58 on 28/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , WP Inject   

    I Send You This Ventriloquist’s Dummy 

    Photos by Dire Penguin, Dire Penguin, classic_film, Kevin H., Kalense Kid, torbakhopper

  • Ysidora Pico 20:08 on 22/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: motherless child, negro spirituals, odetta   

    I Send You this Odetta Playlist, Featuring Motherless Child 


    Motherless Child

    from « American Negro Spirituals»
    by J. W. Johnson, J. R. Johnson, 1926

    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    A long ways from home
    A long ways from home
    True believer
    A long ways from home
    Along ways from home

     Sometimes I feel like I’m almos’ gone
    Sometimes I feel like I’m almos’ gone
    Sometimes I feel like I’m almos’ gone
    Way up in de heab’nly land
    Way up in de heab’nly land
    True believer
    Way up in de heab’nly land
    Way up in de heab’nly land

     Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
    A long ways from home
    There’s praying everywhere



  • Isabella Medici 05:42 on 20/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Amy Lowell, Equinox, , Spring, Vernal Equinox   

    I Send You This Spring Equinox 

    spring equinox photo

    spring equinox photo

    The scent of hyacinths, like a pale mist, lies

    between me and my book;
    And the South Wind, washing through the room,
    Makes the candles quiver.
    My nerves sting at a spatter of rain on the shutter,
    And I am uneasy with the thrusting of green shoots
    Outside, in the night.

    Why are you not here to overpower me with your

    tense and urgent love?

    — Amy Lowell, Vernal Equinox

    spring equinox photo

    spring equinox photo

    Photos by: David Wilson Clarke, Mamooli, NASA Goddard Photo and Video, Joana Roja

  • Ysidora Pico 17:58 on 16/03/2014 Permalink | Reply  

    I Send You This Ship with Your Name on It 


    Houston Ship Channel, photo by tony barilla

    Houston Ship Channel, photo by tony barilla


    And a poem with your ship in it.

    A Ghost

    by Cole Swensen

    erodes the line between being and place becomes the place of being time and so
    the house turns in the snow is why a ghost always has the architecture of a storm
    The architect tore down room after room until the sound stopped. A ghost is one
    among the ages at the edge of a cliff empty sails on the bay even when a ship
    or the house moves off in fog asks you out loud to let the stranger in


  • Isabella Medici 12:51 on 16/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Blue, Color, Lapis Lazuli, Ultramarine, Vermeer, Yves Klein   

    I Send You this Lapis Lazuli 

    What a color!

    I loved the scene in Girl with a Pearl Earring where Colin Firth (Vermeer) sends Scarlett Johansson (Griet) to buy Lapis Lazuli and adds

    My wife need not know about this

    Damn that stuff was expensive. Yves Klein worshiped it.

    Is lapis the most divine, royal, sublime color?

    Or is there something about the relentlessness of any pure color? Kids go nuts with primary colors. As “adults” we exercise refinement in elegant palettes and blends. Or grey. Have we washed the power of pure color from our souls?

    Photos by: Orbital Joecobalt123Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobelcobalt123Lelê Breveglierilisabelle3

  • Isabella Medici 13:26 on 15/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Duchamp Dossier, I send you this cadmium red   

    I Send You this Duchamp Dossier 

    cadmium red photoPhoto by CraftyGoat

    Ysidora! I’ve been struck by the dialog from your performance:

    Your mom throws everything away and that’s why she has no history

    She has no history because she is a woman

    As you know I’ve been thinking about the magical qualities, the bounded serendipity of Cornell Boxes. Today I was thinking about that lovely collaboration I Send You this Cadmium Red, and another famous collaboration between 2 legendary box guys: Joseph Cornell & Marcel Duchamp’s Duchamp Dossier.

    Weather it’s stolen land or a damnatio memoraie from your misogynist brother, we’re 2 dead women who’ve had some of our history erased. Would you care to start a correspondence? We might trade Spanish Land Grants, Cadmium Reds, Duchamp Dossiers, Renaissance Portraits, Lost Journals, or anything else. We could do it right here on react, or I know someone who just loves to make new sites and could set one up for us.

    What do you think?

    cadmium red photoPhoto by Niecieden

    • Ysidora Pico 18:07 on 15/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I would be pleased to start a correspondence with you, Izzy. Let’s do it. I will find something to share with you. You let me know where to send it. Besos, su comadre, Ysi.

      • Isabella Medici 22:21 on 15/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Where to send it? How about here to .Re/act?

        Unless you’d like a separate Box/Blog for it…

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